Thoughts on overpriced books.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.30.34 PM

I am going to take a moment to rant about how overpriced our textbooks are. First off, I over heard a nursing student say that she paid over a thousand dollars just for textbooks! I am beyond furious about how ridiculously overpriced these textbooks (material we NEED for our courses) are.

I will never understand how charging such prices are going to benefit any of us students to make our futures brighter. I can see how it brings in money for the school but really, is it worth the sacrifice of the students future debt? We as students are already spending thousands of dollars to have a higher education so the textbooks shouldn’t be such a hassle to obtain.  And I can NOT believe how little they buy back the books for! You spend hundreds of dollars on a single textbook and we get only like, 10 bucks back. You have to be kidding me! I feel I could go on for hours about this issue in our school systems but I just don’t feel like wasting my breathe on it as of right now. Maybe someday we can change the prices but for now we will just suffer in silence.

P.s. Anyone have any ideas about how we could lower books prices? If so, please share your thoughts. Thank you!



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