Cold, cold, thoughts.

I had to leave my house today and I think my face almost completely froze. Since it was so cold out, I knew that I should probably start it and let it warm up for awhile. Well I’m happy to say that it did start but barely. I could feel the struggle of my car to start, it was like the struggle you have when you are trying to stay awake in an extremely boring lecture class.

My car was covered with frost and since it was so cold, I did not spend any time try to scrap it off and just let the defroster do its magic. Once I got into my car and got to my destination, the urge to just stay in my very warm car was huge. Why am I living in a state that has such cold days? Also it our weather is very teasing because I woke up with it looking very nice, warm and sunny outside. Then the minute you step outside you get the full feel of below freezing weather. As I am writing this, I am in for the night and do NOT plan on leaving my comfy, warm couch. My kitten Koda is laying on my legs and purring away. It is amazing how we can shield ourselves from our harsh winters. I am certainly happy that I have a nice place to call home and Koda to cuddle with on these freezing cold days.



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