Thoughts on RSS, Blogroll, & Feedly.

All these things sound super helpful, but as Jane Patch has stated it is very confusing on how to actually get these set up. I get all information logged in but after that I have no idea how to work the cites!

I did get Wiki & Weblogs and the Daybook added to my Freedly, I really like how I can see which post I haven’t read. But I just do not get how to add people from our class? Maybe I am just technology challenged because it just seems so much easier for others to figure out.

Also with the blogroll, I got it to show up on my blog but the only blogs that are on there are the default ones. I tried changing them to others in our class but just could not figure out how to do it. If anyone has any helpful tips, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I thought this course was going to be a breeze because I have basically grown up with the internet at the tips of my fingers. I never had to really read directions setting up different cites before but now setting these ones up, I have to read all the directions under the sun. I find it super interesting to learn all these new cites but also frustrating. Oh well, isn’t that all part of learning something new? I just got to stick with it. (that sounds like something my mother would say)

P.s. If anyone, I mean ANYONE, could help me out these minor issues I am having? You would be helping out a lot. Thank you for reading my ridiculous rant.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on RSS, Blogroll, & Feedly.

  1. Emma’s right: You got this part. You’ll get the rest of it as you work out the startup kinks. But look at your blogroll! It’s great! I used names on the Daybook but using the titles adds depth to the roll. Smart move!

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