Thoughts on Bootcamp of 2016.

Well to start off with I found boot camp very intense at times but also interesting because you got to see your blog come to life. I found that creating posts were easy and highly fun while you were doing, I learned how to attach a video to post and have it say “continue reading” be on your blog so people will be able to scroll through my blog easier.

I got an Gravatar working on my blog and like how I have a picture attached to my blog so people can put my name to a face. I learned that having an about me page really benefits the viewers on my blog. Learned more about copyrights and how they will improve my blog as I move further along in this course.

The things I struggled with were the more technologically more advance. I still haven’t figure out the blogroll on my sidebar, I figured out to make it show up but I do not know how to attach people from our class. I only have the defaults in the blogroll. I think that has been my biggest issue through this boot camp. I want I did learn was how to attach my twitter linked up to my blog, and it will automatically tweet what I post here on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed just making my blog and seeing it grow through these past two weeks. It has been awesome to have a place to just share my thoughts and connect it with others through out the classroom. I learned that commenting on others blogs will make your blog more active as well and find it more enjoyable when things are going on, right? The more I post questions, the more my blog becomes active.

Feedly has become something I check as regular as my D2L and I love how we have started this cite. At first I was very confused on how to work the cite but now that I have gotten the hang out it, I love it. I can just go to my feedly and check the Wiki & Weblogs, the Daybook and others in the class rather than having to click on every single blog at once. The last thing that I found super cool was having the follow button right on the blog instead of on the button right of the screen like I’ve been seeing on other blogs.

Overall, I would say I have successfully completed boot camp of 2016. I am very excited to see where the next few weeks take us and where my blog will be. Let’s do this #en3177!


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