Thoughts of the day.

If I could take naps with my kitten Koda everyday, then I would always be content with life.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.05.21 PM

Photo by yours truly, Melissa McNeill

This really has been a long day. I feel like I have been awake for days and all I want to do is just sleep for years. I always wonder how adults can go through 12 hour days without complaining or showing that they are tired.

I can barely go to two classes and 5 hours at a job without wanting to just snuggle up in bed forever. When I get into this mood, I always feel like what is the point of all this? We do a daily routine everyday without really switching it up, we are like robots in this world. Yes life is all about what you make it but you can’t make it unless you do this or that before you can actually start living. I know this feeling with pass because tomorrow is new day, but it’s going to be the same new day. Maybe I should go travel somewhere or eat at fancy new restaurant to get myself out of this funk but that cost money so that will not be happening anytime soon. I don’t feel like this often but when I do it is like a huge shadow is over me that doesn’t want me to see the light. I am hoping tomorrow I can kick this shadow’s butt and feel the warmth of the sun (even if it is actually cloudy outside).  I do enjoy having this blog because I can get my thoughts out there and not have them bottle up inside. Thanks for listening to my little rant about the day.

P.s. What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? What makes an ordinary Tuesday into an interesting day? Comments are much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day.

  1. I totally understand what you’re feeling. The same thing happens to me. It sucks. You feel sad for no reason, lazy, and just want to do something fun (which usually costs money). My cures are usually to do something I love (for me it’s just opening a google doc and just typing out everything I feel and can think of with my eyes closed till I feel semi-normal, or painting since that’s my happy place.) I also would suggest doing something totally out of the ordinary. Make a snowman, try a Pinterest recipe and cross your fingers it turns out, call your grandma.)

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  2. I try to switch up my activities to get myself out of a funk. Leave certain activities for certain days, set up a mock-schedule of things to do to keep me occupied in my down time throughout the week. When I start feeling bored or in a funk again, I’ll switch everything up again.

    Giving yourself something to do that you’ll look forward to doing as the week goes on. Treat yourself to ice cream or pizza on Wednesdays or something. Have a movie night on Fridays. Give yourself something to do that you’ll know you’ll enjoy.

    Hope this helps. It’s what I try to do to keep myself active and out of a funk. Funks are horrible, especially in winter.

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