Thoughts on what makes a blog.

Well, I choose the essay by Lilia Efimova, titled Weblog as a Personal Thinking Space. I went to her blog that she started in June of 2002, her blogs name is Mathemagenic. My first initial thought of this blog has a very professional feel to it and does not have any colors/pictures on it. I read the essay and I realized that she writes about her PhD research and shares with other bloggers in the same practice.

While in many respects my own blogging practices do not necessarily represent those of the majority of bloggers, they do correspond to the uses of journals as part of creative work [8]. In my research that I position as ethnographically informed, the weblog serves as a reflexive journal [9] and as a space to collect and organise observations, and as a placeholder for catching other relevant bits and pieces that do not fit elsewhere and could be best categorised as information scraps [10]

Efimova shares her thoughts about a blog is a place to get your ideas out in an organized categories or just random thoughts that need a place to be written down. She also goes in depth about how a “weblog provides multiple ways to retrieve old posts” (Efimova). She states how you can scroll through old posts, go by dates, using archive and more. I never really thought of a blog being a place where you can go back to look at your thoughts through out the years. Any classmates think of a blog in that kind of a way? She talks about how “different stages of idea development are supported by the activities around the weblog content” (Efimova). She has a graph on page eight about how you can turn your own ideas into a product and I highly suggest you take a look at it.
The last I’d like to comment on is that she used Radio Userland with her blog. This helped her blog stay organized with her thoughts and posts about her PhD research. I had no idea that they made things like this where it can help you keep your blog organized while you have a million other things to do. Overall, this essay was highly informative about things I did not know that even existed. I recommend you check out the websites I tagged in this post. Anyone else find something super interesting from your essays?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on what makes a blog.

  1. I really liked Fitzpatrick’s essay! It pertains mostly to personal blogs but has valuable info about others as well! I like the thought of archiving. I guess I didn’t even think of that before this!

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  2. Once again, these essays are cuing me in to things I never knew existed before. UserLand software is a prime example of one of the things I have no idea about. The technological world is fascinating to me. I wish I had enough time in my life to dig deeper into it.

    The chart you linked to is pretty interesting. This gives a starting point to think about how to begin to categorize thoughts and what to do with them. Thanks for the heads up on that!

    Also, I have never thought about blogs as being information to archive and dig up later. It makes my head spin with all the possibilities of which direction my blog could go!

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  3. “I had no idea that they made things like this where it can help you keep your blog organized while you have a million other things to do. ” Not only that, the bloggers themselves have created the tools. When we turn to wikis, you’ll see more of this.


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