Thoughts on what makes a blog? Round two.

Well I totally forgot about this being due on Sunday at midnight because on Friday I had a relaxing night and finished all my homework so I would have Saturday & Sunday to not have to worry about school. So I thought I was being a responsible student, right? Wrong because now this is late… Oh well, you live and learn. So what does make a blog a blog?

Anything can make a blog a blog in my eyes. In my previous blog post I summarized how Lilia Efimova used her blog as a place for her research and it was very professional feel to it. But you can still have a professional feel and have a blog completely about emotions too. In Emma’s post, she talks about how “blogs invoke emotion and emotional response” and I think blogs can be whatever you would like it to be.

In my experience from #en3177 is that our blogs are great examples how it can be about anything. We have a blog all about sports, writings, and even about what is going on in Bemidji. There are many different types of blogs just within our classroom then the three I listed but Morgan has stated many times that we can make our blog about anything. Almost all of us are making blogs for the first time for this course and if you were like me, you had not idea what your blog was going to be to make it a blog. But here we are a month into this semester and in my eyes all the blogs I’ve seen so far are awesome. You can feel the personality in it, you can see the passion in the writing and to me that is what makes a blog a blog.


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