Reflection thoughts (1/25-2/1).

This photo of my kitten Koda completely represents how I feel right now.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.18.34 PM

I feel like the weekend just got started and now it is already Monday doing my weekly reflection. I was in such a good mood when last week started and it just slowly turned to shit (excuse my french). This was the only course last week that wasn’t giving me a headache and my cats facial expression was how I looked all last week when my professors told me all the assignments I would have to do.

Last week in this course I read the essay by Lilia Efimova and I thoroughly enjoyed what she had to say. I liked how in her first or second paragraph she states her blog right away, which is Mathemagenic. When I was going through what I had done this past week, I totally forgot about which blogs I commented on. I did leave a comment on Emma’s blog, Jane’s blog, and Micah’s blog as well. They all had very different views but also similarities when writing about what makes a blog a blog. Emma brought up emotion in a blog, and Micah backed that up with that “weblogs are part of a public arena, but exist between the personal diary and professional publishing”

We all read different essays but brought in such good points about how blogs can be blogs. I feel that I exampled my point in the continued post about what makes a blog a blog. I am hoping this week will be a little bit better than last week. Just might need some motivation from my awesome classmates #en3177. Thank you for reading!






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