Thoughts on identity (Self-Portrait).

My first identity post would have to start out with my mother.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.08.00 PM

Now I know when you are growing up you want to be totally different from how your mom is, well these past few years I have wanted to be everything like my mother. I swear, if it wasn’t for her I would not be the person I am today. She has cared for me when I was the most uncaring person to her. She is the person I call for exciting news, sad news, or just about anything. She has been my number one supporter through out my whole life and even when I thought I have failed, she has always be there telling me that I couldn’t make her anymore proud.

I have the most difficult two years of my life and without my mother being there by my side through out it all, there is no way I would have survived. If I could grow up to be anything like my mother than I would be one amazing women. She has all the qualities that any person should look to have. Everyone that knows me on a personal level, knows that my mother comes before almost anything. She is my sidekick through live and will always be the person I most look up too. Unconditional love.


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