Reflection thoughts (2/1-2/5).

This defiantly has been my favorite week so far in this course. I mean every week has been interesting to learn more about blogs but I really enjoyed blogging about our identities. I did not space them out as nicely as I was planning to but life does get in the way.

My first identity post had to be about my mother. It is weird that I do have my own identity but she is very much apart of mine. I am her first born and we are best friends now that I am grown up (well, more grown up). This post wasn’t very hard to write but after I was complete with it, I had no idea what would be for my next post.

I got my second idea of my identity from my roommate. I asked her what makes an identity for someone and she listed off things like, your job, hobbies, family, and much more. I started to think of my hobbies and how they are apart of me. I had gotten into photography not too long ago and I have actually stuck with it for longer than any other hobby I have had. So composing this post went smoothly after I got the idea all figured out. I wish I could figure out how to make my pictures I post on here look more interesting to the eye. I posted my favorite pictures that I have taken but they kind of look dull.

My third post I felt like I should do it on myself entirely. I choose a photo of me without any editing or make-up. Thought this went well with the identity because it truly shows who I am. I found this difficult to write about myself and you would think it wouldn’t be that hard. What limits did others in #en3177 run into during the past week?


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