Reflection thoughts (2/15-2/19).

Well this was an interesting, busy, crazy week. I did research through out the week and found websites but didn’t post on the Wiki until yesterday because I wanted to find all the information before I posted. Here are three posts on Wiki:

Signing Your Work – This was interesting because I never really thought about signing my work. When you are working on a blog you are signing it off every time because people will see that you posted a post. On wiki you can sign it or it will leave your IP address in the RecentChanges.

Wikis Are Ugly – My first thought was that wikis are very unattractive to the eyes. So I thought this would be the best thing to research and find out why. It was interesting because a lot of cites I went to was about blogs vs. wikis and it all started to come together. I have been working on a blog this whole time, which has cool features that make your blog look attractive. While wikis are just there to inform people or communicate with people.

Ward Cunningham – Thought I should know more about the creator of wikis so it was cool to research about Ward Cunningham. I found some information about him and posted it to the wiki but thought others could find more out about him. I started the page and thought others could continue on with it.

These were my three posts of the week. What will happen this week #en3177!


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